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from 5th march 2015 to 7th march 2015, the 5th eurasia rail was successfully held in the ifm-istanbul expo center, and the minister of transportation lutfi elvan is invited to the exhibition.

hengtong optic-electric co.,ltd is always highly spoken of in turkey in terms of delivery, and this time, hengtong attracts a glittery array of customers from turkey, iran, saudi arabia, germany, morocco, czech, korea, kazakhstan etc. hengtong has a series of high quality products in terms of railway as well as communication industry and this exhibition provides a platform for hengtong to demonstrate its cable solution for rail transportation. what’s more, it enables customers to keep a closer contact with heongtong so as to get a good knowledge of its special solution plans. furthermore, many customers carry out technical communications with hengtong and discuss on the products needed as well as corporation matters.