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           since the publishing of broadband chinese in 2013, operators have started to try unremitting efforts to the construction of a broadband network with the backbone network developing toward 100g, which has greatly promoted the development of fiber optic trunk cable market. at the same time, a glittering of people start to use 4g, as a result the number of spectrum needed is skying rocketing because of the transformation from 3g to 4g. the increasing number of spectrum shall lead to the boost of base stations. data analysis show that the number of micro data base shall increase to 59 million in 2016 throughout the world, while in 2017 the number shall become 90 million. even though, the date base depends on wireless communication, the feedback needs wire communication, which requires a large sum of fiber optics, and 4g also brings unlimited trading opportunities. manufacturers have to take these opportunities to expand the production scale, which also cause tremendous pressure of competition.