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on march 20 morning china commerce department issued notice no. 17 of 2014,decided to take anti-dumping investigation of fiber preform which imported from america and japan original manufactured. the china commerce department received the anti-dumpling investigation application on 22nd jan from yofc, hengtong, and futong group, which are representative of chinese fiber preform manufacturers. this investigation started since 19th march 2014.
this means, the competition battlefield between chinese manufacturers like yofc, hengtong, futong moved from fiber to fiber preform.
actually, at the last decade, china has have done many times anti-dumping investigation to foreign fiber manufacturers. the earliest time is 2002, because of optic communication bubbles burst, the demand of fiber is dropped quickly, supply is much more than demand. many fiber manufacturers decrease their price and start dumpling at china.
chinese fiber manufacturer start apply for anti-dumpling investigation quickly. and china commerce department state the japanese and american manufacturers are dumpling.
 decided with immediate effect on the origin of imported optical fiber preform in japan and the united states anti-dumping investigation. but foreign fiber manufacturers and not willing to take a variety of ways to circumvent anti-dumping, dumping phenomenon is still there for a long time.especially in 2009 with the issuance of 3g licenses and the construction of china to accelerate broadband, fiber optic market downturn after years ushered in a new round of strong demand, triggering a second round of anti-dumping. this time china commerce department also announced the foreign fiber manufacturers is dumping.
after get a fair environment by anti-dumpling, chinese fiber manufacturers depend on china, almost 50% of the whole world fiber demand market, growth stronger and power. in sales term, there are five chinese company ranked in the top 10 fiber manufacturers of the world since may 2013.