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 feb. 13, hengtong was awarded the “third suzhou city mayor quality award” by the government on the promoting the transformation and upgrading of suzhou industrial conference. yin jicheng,the general manager of hengtong attended the meeting and participated in the awards ceremony.
   suzhou city mayor quality award is the highest quality honor of suzhou city award by the government.grant made ​​remarkable achievements in total quality management and business performance of enterprises and organizations in suzhou . suzhou honor on behalf of the highest quality , award-winning enterprise is to carry out management innovation, business performance excellence quality business models , there are currently nine companies to receive this honor.
   hengtong became listing on shanghai stock market in august 2003(600487). hengtong set up two industrial parks in suzhou, technical service offices and distribution centers in 31 provinces. in addition, hengtong also set up marketing and technology services agencies in russia, the middle east, africa , south america, southeast asia and other 18 countries and regions. hengtong basic have a global marketing services network and a global service provider cable system. hengtong has a complete photovoltaic industry groups : intellectual property rights , " fiber preform - fiber - optic cable " optical communications industry chain , has completed the odn development and manufacturing a full range of fttx , leading the city's full range of optical network products industry group.submarine optical composite cable and submarine cable , submarine ehv power cables , from low voltage to high voltage full range of high-voltage power cable industry group of independent property rights.locomotives, rail transportation, marine engineering , new energy and other fields with electrical equipment cable industry group ; high-speed data cable , high-speed signal transmission cable , a full range of consumer electronic cable industry group.
   hengtong always pay attention to quality management , followed the pace of national scientific management , the implementation of advanced quality management concepts and methods to implement high performance management, import into 5s, 6σ and other advanced management tools , diagnostics and performance management by carrying out self-assessment to identify and improve quality management short board , to improve the overall quality level.for a long time , the establishment of an efficient quality management system and regulatory system , forming a continuous improvement mechanism for self-improvement , and has made outstanding achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection. hengtong will take this as a starting point, to continue to improve the quality of management in order to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading.