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     news from china electricity council: hengtong 2013 aluminum alloy products, transmission solutions, research and development of new energy-saving wire products reaase conference was held in beijing dec.12 2013. many experts in this field were invited to attend the conference. they talked about some problems need to be solved in production,designation and motion of new kinds of wires and energy-saving wires with big sections. these help lot to improve the applied technology of these new wires and also improved the science and technological progress in the field of power transmission.
this activity’s background was “aluminum alloy products and new energy-saving wires production, designation and transmission solutions” of hengtong power cable co.,ltd. they mainly talked about some products like high/middle strength aluminum alloy wire, carbon fiber wire, big section(1250,1520) wire. hengtong group has entered top 500 enterprise for the 9th year, the new products released this time already have the leading domestic level in china, and also the production technology is quite mature, this provides a good foundation for large-scale commercial application.