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hengtong released its esg report 2021 on september 27th!

the esg concept is gaining more and more attention around the world, and it has become a consensus for enterprises. esg advocates the balanced development of enterprises in environmental, social and governance aspects. 

in order to meet the trend in the international market, contribute to the global efforts in addressing climate change with substantial methods and ideas, and manifest hengtong’s sustainable development concept in environmental protection, social responsibility and internal governance, hengtong international business group has produced the 2021 hengtong esg report.

with a focus on the requirements of the international market in environmental, social and governance aspects, the report starts from esg management structure and collects the concepts and practices of hengtong in green smart manufacturing, energy conservation, emissions reduction, supply chain management, social responsibility, standardized governance and sustainable development after drawing on the excellent cases and practices of the group, its companies, and domestic and international partners  with due reference to relevant international standards. the report covers the whole year of 2021 and before.

the release of the 2021 hengtong esg report shows hengtong's thinking and responsibility for social undertakings and corporate governance in addition to its successful operations, such as energy conservation and emissions reduction. hengtong actively practices corporate social responsibility, takes green and low-carbon development as the direction and wishes to improve its brand image continuously.

read the report: