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recently, hengtong’s the third generation fire resistant cable was sent to the authoritative laboratory at home and abroad, and passed the world’s most stringent fire resistant test which were higher than the requirements in ul1709 standard. during the test, the cable has to withstand 1100 degrees celsius fire burning for 6 hours with a stroke every 10 minutes and 5 times water spraying lasting 5 seconds every 60 seconds starting from the 355th minute.
petrochemical project of usa required that the power cables must keep circuit integrity for 30 minutes under the temperature of 1093 degrees according to ul1709 standard. in the early stage, only few well-known american cable manufacturers had such capability. the first and the second generation of fire-resistant cable bttz, yttw in china are all made of copper sheath. this temperature is higher than the melting point of copper 1083 degrees. when the temperature reaches 1093 degrees, the sheath and copper conductor both are melt, which cannot meet the requirements.

hengtong’s independently developed third generation fire resistant cable successfully passed the world’s stringent test, - fully proves that hengtong has reached the world's leading level in fire resistant cable. the third generation cable is easy to be installed as common power cable. it can withstand the mechanical shock of earthquake, solve the customer's pain point which long existing in the fields of petrochemical, building and subway, and this improvement will obtain good social and economic benefits.