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on april 12, the sixth international forum on the development of water management in china was held in chongqing. nearly 500 outstanding experts, scholars, engineers, planners and designers participated in the meeting and worked together to discuss the development of water management.

zhou chi, vice president of hengtong marine marketing department, made a report on the application of ocean observation technology in rivers and lakes at the special forum of "water ecological protection and environmental governance". in the report, zhou chi analyzed the common problems in current water environment monitoring technology and management, as the uncertainty of sample data and the low level of intelligent application management. the solution of "river and lake ecological perception network" based on the ocean observation technology is put forward, which gets the recognition and attention of the experts.

as it is known, "ecological perception network of rivers and lakes" solution is a system which combines fixed and mobile monitoring points it is composed of bank base station, photoelectric composite cable, connecting box, advanced anchor system, submersible buoy and various observation instruments. with the facilities, the solution offers  a comprehensive  wide range, all-weather observation service to collect and analyze high-resolution, high-precision water environment data real time. it provides a decision-making basis for intelligent monitoring and management of rivers and lakes.

under the themes of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", attendees exchanged ideas on topics including new era’s water strategy, ecological protection construction, yangtze river’s protection and restoration, and river system structure and implementation, and provided suggestions for the construction of a landscape forest and lake as well as for the construction of a beautiful china.