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the 19th african utility week, held in cape town, south africa, from may 14 to 16, 2019, has once again attracted extensive attention in the african power industry. hengtong aberdare, showcased products and solutions such as high voltage cables, opgw, submarine cables, new energy solutions, solar cables, wind power cables, smart grid, and energy storage projects, which demonstrated the comprehensive strength of china's intelligent construction to power operators and peers in africa.

it is worth mentioning that during african utility week summit forum, hengtong gave a keynote speech on the high voltage cable engineering and energy storage, which introduced in detail the characteristics of hengtong high voltage cable and energy storage technology program, and expressed ideas on the future development situation of the industry.


hengtong aberdare held a pre-launch reception for hengtong aberdare high-voltage cable products on may 14, 16:00-17:00. people from the power industry gathered at the hengtong aberdare booth to raise their glasses and celebrate, with warm atmosphere and active interaction. the head of the hengtong aberdare high-voltage product, mr. mudjuzi, who is engaged in the power industry for more than 20 years, introduced the high-voltage market in south africa, and also introduced the high-voltage production situation and market coverage of hengtong aberdare .

hengtong aberdare has been a gold sponsor for the african utility week for many years and sponsored the "award for sustainable renewable energy projects". at the ceremony held by the organizers on the evening of may 15, dr. song haiyan, hengtong aberdare ceo, attended and went on stage to issue the award to the winners.

hengtong has been ploughing in the african market for many years, and has realized the localization of many products including power cables. hengtong's products and technologies have won the recognition and praise of local employees and local governments. in the future, hengtong will continue to boost africa's power construction and bring china's new products and technologies to africa.