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anga com 2019 was held in cologne, germany on june 4-6. with the theme of "enlightening the future" , hengtong attended the exhibition with many high-end products and solutions, such as fttx solutions, coaxial cables, data cables, air-blowing micro cable, silicon photon solutions, generic cabling solutions, rail transit solutions, industrial and electrical solutions. these products and solutions showed hengtong's innovative achievements in the field of communication and industry and won extensive attention.

at the exhibition site, hengtong focused on the comprehensive fttx  integrated solutions, which has unique advantages in modular chips, equipment and optical fiber and cable . first of all, hengtong's breakthrough in silicon optical chip technology drives the cost reduction of the whole solution. secondly, in terms of system, cooperated with international mac manufacturers, hengtong launched epon and gpon series products, which are suitable for high shunt ratio and high bandwidth utilization, to form an end-to-end fttx integrated system solution.

in addition, 100g, 400g silicon photonic solutions, generic cabling and other solutions were also highlighted in this exhibition. hengtong's generic cabling solutions adopts modular structure, combining the characteristics of european network with localization innovation, finally changes the rigid , disorder and complex shortcomings of former building cabling. it is suitable for a variety of different application scenarios, such as the intelligent building, data center, enterprise network and so on , providing a modular and highly flexible "information highway" for intelligent buildings in or between buildings.

europe is an important part of hengtong's global layout. at present, hengtong has built overseas production bases respectively in spain, portugal and germany. relying on the sales platform and product integration at home and abroad, hengtong will continue to bring advanced and high-quality products to the european market, contributing to the international development strategy, and accelerating the process of global broadband upgrading.