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december 4th-7th, 2018, electrical networks of russia was held in moscow, russia. tailored to the market demand in russia, hengtong carried the self-developed transmission and distribution cables, offshore engineering cables, oil platform cables, submarine cables, conductors, offshore wind power, epc service packages and other solutions to the exhibition, showcasing hengtong’s cable, submarine cable and ocean communications integrated solutions which attract worldwide attention. further more, hengtong’s whole industry chain products chain won wide recognition of customers, laying the foundation for further cooperation.

after neftegaz(in russia)2018 and svaiz ict 2018, this is the third active show for hengtong in russian industry exhibition and injected "made in china" vigor for the russian market. at present, russia is making every effort to rebuild the power grid, develop the national economy, and increase the construction and transformation of infrastructure. russia's grid company predicts that the renovation project will last 10 years, involving up to $100 billion. the market demand for water, electricity and gas construction in russia is large, and it has a certain radiation power to the surrounding countries.


as a global information and energy network service provider, hengtong dominates or participates in standard-setting, with a leading position in patent number in china. in the power sector, the brazilian amazon opgw project, built by hengtong, was the "biggest section, largest span" in the world at the time. moreover, hengtong undertook the state grid changji-guquan ±1100kv uhv dc project, and interdependently developed the world's first uhv, large-span, ultra-low loss opgw. the project is an important milestone in the continuous innovation of state grid in the field of uhv transmission, refreshing the new height of the world grid technology, opening a new era of the development of uhv transmission technology, and playing an important role in demonstrating the development of the global energy internet.

with professional technology and innovative achievements, hengtong is well-known in russian telecommunications, electricity, and other markets. both the 330kv st. petersburg energy ring project and the 35kv finland bay cable project, hengtong's high quality products and solutions have been recognized by our customers. in the future, hengtong will continue to increase its r & d investment, keep on innovation and actively lay out uhv cables, marine power transmission and communications to build its core competitiveness in the global market and contribute to the development of global information and energy network interconnection!