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on july 24, technical expertsfrom jiangsu hengtongoptic-electric stock co., ltd. and guangxi telecom in nanning region got together themed by "4g deployment,optical network first". the technical exchanges were designed to work with optical network solutionsfor guangxi telecom, technical communication, andto provide customers with more valuable technical solutions and product services.

optical fiber communication is amajor revolutionary achievementin the history of thehuman communication development, the development of the global financial marketpromotedthe implementation of broadband strategy, which greatly gear up the rapid development of optical fiber communication technology. to meet the continuous development needs fortrunk network, metro and access network, hengtongactively responds with different products in the field of optical network technology updates, and carry out "4g deployment, optical network first" series of technical exchange activities. the company's major r & d engineers conduct visits and counselingto operators,in order to increase the service forthe development and maintenance of provincial and municipal network, and discuss the technical issues of optical network products.