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on july 30, summer hands-on inquiry based learning activity for the "left-behind" children in rural areas co-sponsored by hengtong group and shaanxi lingerjiu public welfare center was officially held at xi'an qujiang polar ocean park in china. 60 children came to qujiang polar ocean park accompanied by volunteers. they enjoy the wonderful ocean world, watch the performance of marine animals, and have a happy day.

this summer public welfare hibl activity is an innovative activity of the hengtong group public welfare project "kanglei plan". it is another theme activity after "pass love small table", "second classroom" and "mental health classroom". it aims to help rural children better integrate into the city and enrich their childhood life by organizing kanglei children walking out of the mountains into enterprises and cities during the annual summer vacation.  

“children seldom have the chance to come to the city. it is the first time for them to come to qujiang polar ocean park. by visiting and playing, they have broadens horizons, enriches their knowledge of the ocean and stimulates their enthusiasm for protecting the marine environment” said principal wang.