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kwazulu-natal mec for education, mr kwazi mshengu, officially launches a high-tech computer centre in siqongweni high school, in imbali township, pietermaritzburg on august 8. the provision of the computer centre, which is donated by hengtong group aberdare cables, was announced by president cyril ramaphosa during his visit to the school in january this year.


siqongweni high school is one of the highest performing schools in the country with an 84% matric pass rate. mec mshengu said, as the modern world evolves and becomes sophisticated due to rapid technological changes, institutions of learning in south africa need to adapt and acclimatize themselves with the new digital education system which has been embraced by many countries all over the world.


“we strongly believe that the computer centre facility in siqongweni high school will serve this purpose as we aim to advance and revolutionize our basic education in the province of kwazulu-natal. the launch of this facility is in line with one of our strategic objectives which is to rigorously develop our leaners’ technological skills to ensure that they compete with the best in the world.


we are prepared to work very closely with the private sector and our social partners to improve our education system, particularly in the areas of technology, mathematics and science, to prepare our youth for the fourth industrial revolution,” said mec mshengu.  


the donation of the computer is part of the aberdare’s socio-economic development programme aberschool project, which was launched in 2017 in pietermaritzburg to assist in addressing the low mathematics, physics and science subject pass rate in the country as well as to encourage pupils to take on these subjects. siqongweni is one of the beneficiaries of this project.

dr. song haiyan, africa regional president of hengtong group and ceo of abrdare, south africa, said the donation of the centre forms part of the company’s socio-economic development programme which aims to assist township and rural youth to improve their performances in key subjects and to acquire basic technological skills.

“the world is swiftly moving towards the full fourth industrial revolution, therefore it is our conviction as aberdare that the youth in townships and rural areas need to be equipped with necessary technological skills to be relevant in this new technological era and to ensure that they are not left behind in the era of internet of things.


it was this realization that propelled us to launch the aberschool project. as part of this initiative, we donated elearning tablets to schools in pietermaritzburg including siqongweni secondary school. the project has thus contributed significantly in the excellent performance of the participating schools including siqongweni,” said dr song.