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on the evening of october 7, jiangsu hengtong optic-electric co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") issued an announcement.  its subsidiary jiangsu hengtong marine cable system co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "hengtong marine") recently confirmed that it has won the bid for the mexican megacable submarine cable system project to supply new submarine optical cables with a large core number. this follows on from a recent success for hengtong in securing another contract for an international ocean communications project, further enhancing the company's presence in the international ocean communication market and continually promoting the development of the company's submarine optical cable business in the international market, which is experiencing rapid development of international transoceanic communications.

the announcement confirms that the megacable submarine cable system project in mexico, will connect mexico's second largest tourist destination la paz and topolobampo in ahome which is located in the california gulf and peninsular areas where the terrain and environment are very technically complex. the complexities presented by this environment require innovative solutions in the design and construction of submarine cables. the system utilizes a 48 core g654 large effective area and ultra-low loss optical fiber, which belongs to the new generation of submarine cable products developed following re-optimisation of structures and manufacturing processes.the announcement highlights that the mexican megacable project is another success in international marine communications projects for hengtong following successful bids for the png submarine optical cable project in 2017, chile's submarine optical cable project in june 2018, and bolivia's submarine optical fiber cable project in august 2018. the success, once again, indicates that the company’s technical strength on integrated engineering of ocean communication systems has been fully affirmed by the international ocean communication market, and its position in the industry has been further consolidated and promoted.

as a global information and energy network service provider, hengtong has focused on technology development and system integration in the fields of marine communications and power transmission. the company is a leading player in the development of reliable and cost-effective design and epc services which are influencing the development of the marine economy. hengtong’s customized marine power transmission, communication and system solutions have been successfully used in many major projects including malaysia, comoros, maldives, belize, gaining further recognition from the international community.