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during 8:00-19:00 on 18 october (malaysia time) , hengtong together with local partners, grandly held a communications press conference in the one world hotel of malaysia, with the theme of “connecting malaysia, connecting the world, connecting the future”.

at the release conference, hengtong successfully invited over 120 guests including representatives from major operators, partners and experts from industry associations to exchange ideas on opportunities and challenges in malaysia and global communications industry; at the same time, hengtong shared with participants a series of newly developed products and solutions as foc, fttx solution, ocean optical cable systems and intelligent odn to fully demonstrate hengtong's ability to provide customized optical network construction and transmission solutions for malaysian and global partners.

at the beginning of the conference, tan huiliang, president of hengtong international industry group, said in his speech that as a global cable system integrator, hengtong was well aware of the importance of broadband network to the national and even the world’s development. contribution to world broadband construction is hengtong's unremitting goal. for many years, hengtong has been working towards this goal, cooperating with global telecom operators and equipment providers to build a global integrated optical fiber network. hengtong will continue to uphold the spirit of comprehensiveness, openness, and win-win cooperation to achieve joint development with global enterprises.

after the ceremony and greetings from mr. tan, managers from hengtong optical network, hengtong optic-electric and hengtong marine respectively gave demonstrations on their companies’ comprehensive strength and latest products including intelligent odn products, fttx solutions, foc and submarine optical cable communications systems.

hengtong’s development benefits from the rapid growth in communications industry. recently, driven by the advent of new technologies and market requirements, hengtong has vigorously invested and innovated in product research and development, upgraded and updated production facilities, and created and improved the sales and service system to make continuous efforts to achieve global connectivity.