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on 21 august, hengtong cable australia (hca) in conjunction with the hengtong group, held an electrical power cable conference with local clients at the intercontinental hotel adelaide in south australia . hca introduced a series of products and system solutions, such as aluminium alloy cables, bare overhead conductors, photovoltaic cables, extra high voltage cables, submarine cables and hengtong energy storage solutions.

the conference commenced at 4pm and was opened by steven whitehead, the general manager of hca. steven introduced the start and development of hca , the overall layout of hengtong group’s companies overseas and its products. “hengtong cable australia has successfully installed just over 4,000,000m of cable into australia since starting in 2017. a wide variety of hengtong group’s products have been used in australia and hengtong group has gained the trust of customers with a solid focus on customer service”, said steven.

several senior managers of hengtong group gave speeches on their relative product categories, in particular our development of dc cable on land and submarine. it was demonstrated how hengtong group’s submarine cable has reached some fantastic milestones and has delivered over 10,000km and has set multiple world records in various categories within submarine.

with the research and development of new and renewable energy sources, searching for advanced methods to improve energy efficiency has become a major issue of global concern. hengtong energy storage solutions is dedicated to the r&d, manufacturing and engineering of energy storage systems in both commercial and residential, which covers energy planning and design, engineering investment and construction, multi-energy operation service and financial service. at this conference, hengtong highlighted the new products of energy storage, relying on its powerful application services, to help the construction and development of energy storage industry.

mr wang xinguo, the general manager of hengtong power cable company, said “2018 was the first complete year of hca and the achievements could not be achieved without the support of our clients. hengtong group, as the leading cable manufacture in china, we cherish the australia market and the demands of local clients. in the future, we will have our own warehouse in australia and we will have a quick response time for standard products which will be in stock and will help improve customer support”.