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hengtong optical-electric co., ltd ( the twelfth meeting of the 5th board was held on april 22, 2013 by the means of communication, the meeting examined and adopted the motion on the earthquake relief of cable products and cash donations to the earthquake-stricken areas in sichuan ya'an by the consent of all directors.
7.0-magnitude quake hits lushan, ya'an city, sichuan province on april 20 in 2013, the local people's lives and property suffered heavy losses. communications, electricity and other public facilities were severely damaged.
in order to carry forward the spirit of " a party in trouble, assistance comes from" and take the social responsibility as a listed company, our company decided to donate earthquake relief supplies to the sichuan telecom, china unicom and mobile units with outdoor fiber optic cable products amounting to more than 6 million yuan which is going to be used for the reconstruction of communication line in earthquake-stricken areas. at the same time, the company donated two million yuan through the charitable foundation of suzhou for ya'an people, showing a love with practical actions to help people in disaster areas to restore production and rebuild their homes, to ride out the storm and win the victory of the earthquake relief.
all the employees of our wholly-owned subsidiary (chengdu photoelectric communication co., ltd) are actively involved in production in order to supply fiber optic cable for the earthquake-stricken area.