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recently, hengtong cablescom joined the “por ti” program, which is organized around a complete program of sensitization and training on healthy habits, in collaboration with fundación ibercaja and hospital quirón salud.

the duration of the program is 9 months. they will invite famous experts in various fields to train the employees of the company from three aspects of healthy food, mental health and physical health.

mrs. isabel banzo, human resources manager, has represented hengtong cablescom in the “por ti” program on friday, october 18. we share the program together with other local companies: grupo sesé, libelium, pastas romero and podoactiva. companies select among their employees a group of 9 volunteers who will participate in various activities throughout the year, receive information and advice as well as adequate training to integrate healthy habits into their daily lives and share them with other coworkers. in this way, the adoption of healthy habits is integrated into the company transversally and from employees themselves. 

josé luis rodrigo escrig, the general director of ibercaja foundation stressed that this is an "innovation" plan, which will have an impact on the development of corporate social responsibility, also promote the connection between enterprises with the same goals, and will "improve the working environment, promote employees' sense of belonging and commitment".