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on june 1, hengtong completed the 220kv 3*500mm2 cross-linked polyethylene insulated fiber-optic composite submarine cable (the first batch) for the three gorges new energy zhuanghe offshore wind power project, and successfully passed the pre-delivery test, resulting in the smooth delivery. by virtue of its own diligence and wisdom, hengtong has again created a new world record in the submarine cable industry----the 220kv xlpe insulated three-core submarine cable of 27 km without joint.


in july 2017, hengtong won the bid for 220kv three-core fiber-optic composite submarine cable and accessories for the three gorges new energy offshore wind power project.

the project began production in october 2017, realizing the length of the 220kv 3*500mm2 submarine cable without joints reaching 27km. on may 26, 2018, it finally passed the pressure resistance test of 2.5 times rated voltage. it also achieved one-time completion of pressure test of 27 km 220kv cross-linked polyethylene three-core submarine cable, which is the most high-pressure test in the same industry in china.


after the records of the longest 500kv, 220kv of single-core xlpe submarine cable without connectors in the world, hengtong has completed the manufacture of the world's longest single connectionless 220kv xlpe three-core submarine cable. it marks a new milestone in the manufacturing level of hengtong submarine cables, which fully reflects the equipment strength of hengtong submarine cables manufacturing and demonstrates the superior ability of hengtong to provide customers with system solutions.