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the 18th african utility week in 2018 will raise its curtain in cape town, south africa, from may 15th to 17th.


jointly organized by south african national power company eskom enterprises and department of trade and industry in south african, african utility week, known for its longest duration, largest scale, professional attendees and profound influence, dabbles at such fields as power generation, power transmission and distribution, intelligent metering, new energy power generation, and water resources management in 70 countries and regions including subic, kenya, south africa, namibia, zambia, nigeria, kingdom of lesotho, ghana, uganda, tanzania, israel, botswana, republic of malawi, guinea.


during african utility week, hengtong, acting as global information and energy network service provider, will join in the grand party with products and solutions to transmission and distribution cable, marine engineering cable, oil platform cable, photovoltaic cable, as well as the epc package solution, propelling the creativity and development of energy sector in the african continent.


may 15th to 17th

cape town, south africa

18th african utility week

booth number: f5 f6a

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