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from april 24th to 27th, the russian communications exhibition was held in 2018 at the moscow ruby exhibition center, setting off a wave of communication in europe. hengtong exhibited a series of such solutions and products as optical communication, smart grid, railway transportation and etc., receiving wide attention.

the russian communications exhibition, jointly sponsored by russian federation communications and mass media department, and the international economic and technological exchange center of national ministry of industry and information, is known as the leading professional communications and information technology exhibitions in russia and the cis region, as well as the significant communication platform for excellent communications and network equipment manufacturers and service providers in the world.

the exhibition has attracted more than 400 companies from germany, china, france, italy, russia and cis countries, with its main focus on topics such as basic communication & network technology services, intelligent cities and the internet of things.

as the leading enterprise in optical communication field, hengtong, in order to meet the product and service need in russian area, attended this grand exhibition with its silicon photonics, fttx, the flexible access to ftth, industrial electrical connections, dynamic environment monitoring system, elevator wireless coverage, rail transit and other series of solutions and new products, winning attention of clients all over the world. these potential clients, whose wide recognition was attracted by hengtong’s whole industry chain product, conducted heat discussion and expressed the expectation of in-depth communication with hengtong, which laid the foundation for further cooperation.

recent years, under the guidance of openness, inclusiveness and win-win, hengtong has accelerated the "four major transformations", and vigorously promoted the group's international operation layout, demonstrated by setting up industrial bases in nine countries including europe, south america, asia and africa, as well as setting up overseas marketing technical service branches in more than 30 countries around the world. hengtong’s business covers more than 130 countries and regions with its fiber-optic network products occupying 15% of the global market share, which is a move that wins china a voice in world fiber-optic network field. under the strategy of "keeping an eye on global market, following belt and road's initiative", hengtong will continue to focus on innovation and creativity, center upon high-quality development, and actively build a world-class high-tech enterprise.