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the 18th neftegaz held on 16-19 april 2018 wrapped up in expocenter moscow. with its system solutions and products such as micro-air blown cable, underwater communications, ocean engineering, smart grid, hentong made a stunning appearance in neftegaz that is a stage for global suppliers to show their new technologies for oil and gas industries. the overseas correspondent of network telecom was honored to have such an opportunity to interview mr. li xu, hengtong’s regional manager for russia, which gave the global audience a glance of hengtong.


jointly sponsored by messe dusseldorf gmbh and zao expocentr and supported by ministry of energy for russian federation, neftegaz is the largest and most influential exhibition for oil and gas industries in russia and far east or even in europe. hengtong’s theme for this show is “ hengtong manufacturing, serving the world”. its pavilion is featured in blue and white with simplicity and elegance. as one of the best global information and energy web providers, hengtong has been committed to offering high-quality products to the customers all over the world. it is dedicated to serving international customers with best products.


hengtong brought the global audience power transmission cable solution, ocean engineering cable solution, oil platform solution and epc general package solution including high-voltage cable, undersea cable, ocean cable, oil-gas pipeline air-blowing cable and low-medium voltage cable.


it is known that most of the exhibitors in the trade show are suppliers of equipment or cable. compared with other suppliers, hengtong’s highlight is epc general package solution.

as we know, russia is the largest country on earth with abundant oil reserve ranking second in the world. export of oil products is the underpinning of russia’s economy. thus against such a background, epc general package solution is particularly important for russia’s oil industry and overall construction of onshore and offshore oil platform. by adopting traditional construction method, customers need to look for suppliers for each part forming the oil platform, such as cable supplier, equipment supplier and construction contractor, which is a waste of time. meanwhile, a series of technical problems will arise when customers integrate all parts into one. while hengtong’s epc general package solution for oil platform is focused on the overall design of the project, unified purchasing, construction and testing operation by overall planning. in this way, customers can save the time spent on choosing separate operators and avoid some technical problems. therefore, this solution can best serve customers’ demand and provide a more professional, integrated, safer and faster overall solution to customers.


hengtong as an excellent global information and energy web provider has been following the development trend of international energy industry, constantly pursuing innovation and thus achieving remarkable results.