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2019-12-25 963 font size:

hengtong india had a fantastic christmas and new year employees celebration in pune, india.

2019, has been a fruitful year for hengtong india, as we are on track with our factory commissioning on time and start the operations in 2020.

our success is also predicated by our ability to deliver projects without compromise on saftey, quality and customer satisfaction. these should always be the outcome which drives us in the long run. adopting such strategies will ensure hengtong india continues to be the best organistaion of choice of our customers.

we urge everyone of you to observe our core values, work towards building a more cohasive, inclusive, diverse and effective organisation and achieve the various financial targets in months and years to come , said mr. yin guoliang (ceo) and mr. mukesh tiwari (chro).

it was also a great opportunity to thank each of our employees hard work, passion and the part that they play in our company’s success.

we look forward of everyone’s continued support as together, we take to htin into new heights in 2020.