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asa hutchinson, governor of american state of arkansas visited hengtong optic-electric to make deep exchanges on november 4 with mike preston, director of arkansas economic development commission and ben walters, manager of international project of arkansas economic development commission accompanied by li sanghua, chief of us department of the chinese people’s association for friendship with foreign countries (cpaffc) and li wenhui, deputy director of suzhou foreign affairs office.

 qian jianlin, chairman of hengtong optic-electric extended his welcome to governor hutchinson with cui wei, director of hengtong optic-electric and tan huiliang, coo of international operation division of hengtong group.

with the company of qian jianlin, the governor and his delegation visited hengtong’s exhibition hall and gained a better understanding of hengtong’s development history, industrial layout and its international strategies. during the tour, the governor rained praises on hengtong.

   after the visiting, both sides had deep discussions and communications on chinese companies’ investment in arkansas. governor hutchinson said he was optimistic toward u.s.-china relations. with the promotion of the presidents of both countries, u.s.-china relationship had maintained sound development. he also expressed his desire for further cooperation with hengtong.