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for this platform, it was my first time to operate it and we didn’t know what it can bring to us. at the beginning, i just released the product information and introduction of our factory . i just considered it as a website but not especial. from the training of and the dairy learning, i knew some skills to operate it, step by step, i completed the website design and photo processing. if we want to get inquiries, first we should make our product known, then having a good ranking. as a result , more buyers know about our products and factory.

after finishing the preliminary work, we should handle the inquiries and follow the clients. our product is marketed to sell to mid east, taiwan, japan and so on. later, we find that europe, south america, usa, south africa are potential markets too. for replying the inquiries, we mainly to analyze these areas and reply more detailed to them. we analyze the needs and the market shares from these countries. then, we make a target for different countries. now, we are selling our products to mid east, europe(italy and france), south america, south africa we are trying to develop the usa market for humidifier.