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san diego, california, mar 10, 2020 --- hengtong rockley technology co., ltd.announces the release of a 400g qsfp-dd dr4 optical module based on silicon photonics technology for the next-generation data center network. hengtong rockley will have a live demo from march 10th to march 12th, 2020 at the ofc exhibition in san diego, ca, usa. the new 400g qsfp-dd module is the first 400g silicon photonics optical module product revealed by hengtong rockley. the dr4 optical module will be used in next generation cloud-scale datacenter networks for the connection between switches as a low-cost, low-power consumption optical connection solution. the deployment of 400g transceivers enables datacenter networks to deliver a 4x increase in network speed compared to existing deployments using 100g.

 hengtong rockley’s 400g qsfp-dd dr4 module uses the industry’s most advanced 7nm dsp chip. the optical chipsets, that form the key building blocks of the transceiver, are from rockley photonics, ltd., which will also live-demo their silicon photonics tx and rx pic chipsets used in the hengtong rockley 400g dr4 transceiver in their booth at ofc. rockley’s silicon photonics technology not only integrates the passive and active optical components, to greatly reduce the need for optical sub-assembly, but also introduces a special design to ease fiber coupling. as a result of the automated passive alignment process for light sources and fiber arrays, the manufacturing process for the optical module has been simplified and made suitable for mass production.

hengtong rockley technology co., ltd. is a joint venture established by hengtong optic-electric co., ltd., china and rockley photonics limited, uk. hengtong rockley   designs and manufactures high-end optical modules. it is also committed to the design of silicon photonic chips and their integration, packaging, and testing, for improved competitiveness of optical module design and manufacturing.