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on 13th july, hengtong attended the 4th rail transportation new power supply technology application and development seminar with its cable system solution for rail transportation in beijing.

    according to the data released by the national development and reform commission, the approved rail transportation construction in china will reach 50 cities in 2020 and the total length will reach 6,000 km.

with the rapid development of china rail transportation, the stable and efficiency power supply system is the most important guarantee for the urban rail transit operation safety.

hengtong also gave a speech on the topic smart cable new application in rail transportation power supply, in which hengtong displayed its distinguishing advantages in the field of rail transportation power supply and shared its views on the future development of the smart rail transportation power supply system. 


photo: tao chen, the deputy chief engineer from hengtong high voltage marine cable gave the speech.


for now the series of rail transportation product and system solution from hengtong have been widely applied in domestic and international rail transportation system, such as beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, zhengzhou-xuzhou high-speed railway, beijing-shijiazhuang high-speed railway, nanjing subway in china, light rail in ethiopia and djibouti and etc.

some experts from power supply industry showed great interest in hengtong’s products and solutions. “only with the qualified cable product of hi-tech, chinese rail transportation can have a good and long development.” the experts shared with hengtong.


 photo: some experts from power supply industry visited hengtong’s booth.