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on november 23, jiangsu hengtong optic-electric co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “htoe”) successfully held 2012 release conference of new products in beijing, and over 20 new products made their collective debut, covering submarine cable, next-generation mobile communication/4g, fith, optical wand and other fields, which again demonstrates its self-dependent innovation strength. 
htoe believes that it is the necessary path for the development of optical and electrical cable enterprises to take high-end development route by integrating limited resources into the development of high-end products and high-end market, as well as actively extending towards upstream. through the release of new products, htoe hopes to take innovation as a bond to achieve comprehensive breakthroughs of product and market, accelerating the upgrading of information and communication industry in china.
the popularity of internet rapidly increases the demand for communications bandwidth all over the world, and since submarine optical communication shoulders the responsibility of international and intercontinental communication, it thereby ushers in an unprecedented period of great development. in june this year, the apg submarine cable project, with china unicom as the chairman of the project team, started as well. meanwhile, marine seism, undersea volcanic eruptions and other geological disasters, ocean fishing and other man-made disasters are increasing the application environment of submarine cable communication. for marine engineering, htoe launched marine communication system cable products like the repeatered submarine fiber optic cable, unrepeatered submarine fiber optic cable series; the submarine electricity, communication composite transmission system cable products such as ac 220kv cross-linked polyethylene insulated single-core/three-core optical fiber composite submarine cable, dc±320kv and below cross-linked polyethylene insulated optical fiber composite submarine cables and other innovative products. it is worth mentioning that there are only five cable companies supporting the full set of marine communication system at home and abroad, of which four companies are foreign enterprises, while htoe takes a fifth as the sole chinese enterprise. 
recently, the division completion of spectrum resources means 4g commercialization process has taken a key step; the operators are also actively pushing forward the 4g pilot process. according to the planning of china mobile, 20,000 td-lte base stations will be built within the year, 200,000 by the end of 2013, and 500,000 worldwide by the end of 2014. the arrival of 4g era will undoubtedly lead to substantial growth in china's demand for optical fiber. aiming at 4g building, htoe has launched 18 styles of innovative products, including the access network opto-electronic hybrid cable, remote radio opto-electronic hybrid cable, far-powered devices and photoelectric access cabinets, radio frequency antenna feeder cable system, 4g base station integration cabinets, etc.
based on the continuous innovation for many years in all directions, htoe has realized the critical transformation upgrading from the traditional manufacturing enterprise to the r&d innovative enterprise, and has built optical and copper industrial clusters, filling a number of blanks in domestic industries.