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in the midst of the global covid-19 pandemic, nobody is fighting alone. so are the hengtongers around the world. two months ago, they mobilized hundreds of thousands of units of medical supplies from different countries and helped save many lives and ease the epidemic in china.


among those supplies, a great many were from cablescom, hengtong’s subsidiary in zaragoza, spain.


while now, spain itself becomes europe’s most, and the world’s second most significantly hit country. since the declaration of state of alarm nationwide on march 13, most staff have been staying at home as advised and doing teleworking, but cablescom’s production line is still running at a controlled scale in line with the government’s regulation, so as to honor her commitments to the customers in spite of difficulties.


cablescom was one of the first companies in spain to apply the protocols thanks to the experience and direct contact with the hengtong group.


that learning from china helped cablescom to see the possible "seriousness of the matter".


in the meantime, tens of thousands of masks have been on the way in succession from hengtong’s chinese headquarters to zaragoza, among many other places. messages of mutual encouragement, support and unity have been exchanged traversing the eurasian continent.


cablescom has opted for the home office from the first day. the home office has been a success and it continues to work on that line daily.

cablescom has also launched the initiative of daily emails to encourage all workers.


(recently, an email was sent to all workers with good news that has occurred.)


it continues investigating and learning how to improve day by day. luis garrido, process engineer, made 118 security screens masks manually and handmade.  


after that, cablescom has purchased a 3d printer to improve the manufacturing process.  


in the face of strenuous anti-virus travail at the workplace, cablescomers maintained their bullfighting morale and optimism. they launched the “todo irá bien” (everything will go well) initiative, recorded the video “resistiré”, put on a mask considerately for the little mouse who served as the email signature ambassador…


(“todo irá bien” initiative involves the children of the workers sending drawings of encouragement and they will be hung on the fence of the entrance. a worker in hengtong’s ibg in china also encouraged his 3-year old daughter to participate in the initiative.)


the city council of zaragoza made an anti- pandemic video, named “zaragoza never gives up”. the club nihao zaragoza translated it into chinese to forge resonance!


in the video, it could be observed that while time passes, passion sustains.


facing up to the covid-19 challenge, the global hengtongers unite as one. with a network of hope, energy and perseverance across the world, you have every reason to believe that, fighting together, they will rise above all hardships eventually.

stay strong! ¡ánimo! 加油!