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in last few days, hengtong group subsidiary hengtong optic-electric was awarded with cmmi3 certificate, which means that hengtong’s software r&d, project organization, management, solution delivery capability, process standardization have achievement new level, and this certificationn is the result of hengtong’s efforts of improving her product reliability and service quality.

in last few years, hengtong optic-electric constantly added r&d budget, and improved both management and project introducing efficiency of new tech. hengtong's software engineering ability has met international standard.

hengtong optic-electric will take cmmi3 as a fresh start, keep on developing software proejct management and making more product innovations, pressing program of industry transformation and upgrading for providing proven system solutions and high quality services. hengtong will firmly push forward of her globalization strategy and supply clients with high-end products and better solutions. hengtong is curently deploying her businesses in fields of quantum communication, data center safety, smart society, and web of things, and cmmi3 awarding is one solid foundation of such strategy.

as no. 3 of global optical telecom supplier, and china’s no.1 telecom and power grid system integrator and product manufacturer, hengtong has built complete industry chains and has a large number of core technology patents. hengtong by now is extending her business into fields of quantum telecom, boardband access, smart society, telecom project operation, data center and network security. hengtong is endeavouring to be a global leading integrated service provider with complete industry chains.