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on the afternoon of august 24th, the 10th "make dream come true initiative" donation ceremony for the disabled persons was held in wujiang, suzhou. more than 260 people participated, including officials from wujiang district, staff from the disabled persons' federation and representatives of recipients.


qian liying, chairperson of hengtong charity foundation delivered a speech, in which she said helping a disabled person meant saving a family. "as long as they need, we will reach out," she said. hengtong, connected with the disabled friends heart-to-heart, will continuously carry out the charity cause with the perseverant “spirit of driving nails”.


leader of wujiang district qian bin highly praised the "make dream come true initiative" carried out jointly by hengtong charity foundation and the district’s disabled persons' federation for ten years. he appealed to people from all walks of life for a sense of mission and efforts to improve the disabled families’ happiness and satisfaction. the disabled, on the other hand as he said, should also develop their own resolution to realize their value of life.


during the event, hengtong made donations to the disabled persons’ federation and the disabled people’s performing art troupe of wujiang district. local officials presented scholarships and grants to outstanding student representatives of disabled people's families. a special performance by hengtong’s dream art troupe of disabled people was staged and applauded.