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in spite of the covid 19 pandemic in india, which has retained most people at home for quite a period, hengtong optic-electric india (htin) conducted an engaging communication skills virtual workshop on august 19, which was applauded by all the participanting htin employees.

“the importance of effective communication in the workplace cannot be stressed enough,” emphasized the virtual workshop. “it is an indispensable entrepreneurial skill that can be learned and nurtured for improved productivity and successful achievement of goals.”

the workshop got a full “cloud” as almost all htin employees participated in it online.

htin’s chro, mr. mukesh tiwari, stated that: effective communication in the workplace not only helps to reduce errors, but promotes bonding among employees, increases understanding of work, as well as helps resolve conflicts. effective communication is not just about talking. as a matter of fact, more than 90 percent of workplace communication is non-verbal.

he emphasized upon “five game-changer strategies” which can help you improve your communications skills and deliver motivation, solutions, and success in the workplace:

  1. listen more than you talk

  2. be in the moment

  3. hold meeting in a quiet place

  4. set aside your emotions and focus on the real issue

  5. build trust in the workplace

this is not the first time for htin to hold such “cloud” workshop since the outbreak of the pandemic. in july, when the situation soured, mr. tiwari, in consideration of the probable escalating pressure on the mind of the employees, presented a motivational session to all the staff, in which he told a goose story, indicating the importance of esprit de corps.

still earlier, in june, another video session held in htin highlighted its vision, mission and core values that had been integrated and finetuned with the headquarters’, that on the other hand represents hengtong’s conception of “glocalization” that emphasizes the local interests all the time.

this is what upholds htin in hardships—team work and communication, even over the cloud.


“when an organization perpetuates good communication, it demonstrates an investment in the workforce, enhances self-motivation, and allows employees to feel a part of the company’s success. when the vision, mission, and core values and expectations are known to the workforce, the message is clear: they are part of something bigger, their hard work pays off, and they are valued and respected. in short, they count.”