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here comes the good news again!


on the list of "top 500 private enterprises in china 2020" released on september 10, hengtong group ranked 49th, up by 5 places in comparison with the previous year.

 on another list released concurrently, hengtong was accredited as the 29th top 500 manufacturing enterprise in china.


 “the top 500 private enterprises in china” series lists are released by the all-china federation of industry and commerce every year on the basis of in-depth investigation and research of the above-scale private enterprises. gauging companies' turnovers of the previous year primarily, the lists are regarded as the most authoritative and comprehensive in the private economy sector.


this year, the threshold for entering the top 500 private enterprises is as high as 20 billion yuan. the total turnover of the 500 enterprises registered 30.17 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.85% over last year, with a total asset of 36.96 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.78%. the after-tax net profit reached 1.39 trillion yuan, up by 8.06%. their tax contribution aggregated 1.37 trillion yuan, accounting for 8.7% of the country's total. the total export  was $121.241 billion, a decrease of $21.014 billion or 14.77%, accounting for 4.85% of the total export volume of china, a decrease of 0.87 percentage points over the previous year.