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alcobre recently won the award of best supplier 2019 in cable category. this prize was awarded by agefe, a business association that represents its members in accordance with public authorities' regulations and also the trade union organizations for market harmonization.

alcobre is very proud of this award, which means the company has achieved high performance standards necessary to meet customers expectations. it is also a recognition, from the distributors’ perspective, of the added value in the distribution and supply chain. 


founded in 1910 and acquired by hengtong in 2016, alcobre is a company that produces and sells electric cables. it is dedicated to manufacturing of low voltage cables of aluminum and copper. 


in today's competition arena, this award salutes the effort and recognition that every team member has a big group standing behind and aiming continuously towards growth and sustainability.

2020 marks the company's 110th anniversary. as part of the celebration, alcobre also appeared on ovarnews's website, which shows hengtong as the investor company of alcobre, and its footprint in portugal, such as the windfloat atlantic project, the largest semi-submersibel offshore wind power project in the world. the project will send the clean energy generated by wind to thousands of households in portugal once completed. 


as hengtongres, we all commit ourselves to meeting and overcoming the needs of our customers and boost china-portugal blue partnership with more substantial cooperation.